From ‘word cross’ to ‘cross words’ – the intriguing journey of words.

Did you know crossword was named as ‘word cross’ when it was first created by the Liverpool journalist John Arthur Wynne in December’ 1913? However, it was the mistake done during printing that transformed it into ‘crosswords’ which surprisingly became such a hit that there was no going back to the old name absolutely. Isn’t that an interesting crossword fact? Well, what’s even more interesting about crosswords is its amazing journey of 100+ years. Yes, from 21st December’ 1913, the day it was published in the Sunday edition of New York World for the first time to this new age, modern 21st century, the journey of crosswords have indeed been a roller coaster ride that has only gone up with each passing day.

online crossword puzzle

Not only crossword aficionados loved it back then when it found its existence solely in newspapers and Sunday magazines but, they absolutely are crazy for the contemporary online crosswords too. Yes, now, you can indulge in extensive crossword session and revive your love for words just through a tap on your screen. Be it your smartphone, tablet or laptop, all you need is a strong internet/wifi connection and you are good to go and dive in its world of words. Doesn’t this make crosswords effortlessly awesome? It certainly does.

So, is the wordsmith within you craving to come out and play a game or two of crosswords? Well, your cravings would intensify even more when you come to know about this one online crossword that offers a lot more than just a few enticing puzzling sessions. All you need to do is register at its website to play and acquire some amazing goodies and gifts as winnings. Yes, that’s how this online crossword works – giving each and every player out there a chance to scale their mental and cognitive abilities by indulging in its brainstorming puzzling sessions along with providing them with instant gratification by awarding them with some of coolest and quirkiest prizes.

Wondering how can you make all those prizes absolutely yours? No, it doesn’t require you to do anything tough. In fact, it’s as simple as abc. You are just required to put your focus and concentration on grasping the clues that come for every puzzle, decipher the right word out of it and submit it in an active time frame of an hour. Pretty simple, isn’t it? Moreover, as far as, the time limit is concerned, it has been done so to let each and every player across the globe get the time to play, perform and win. Now, that’s really thoughtful of this oh-so-amazing cryptic crossword, isn’t it?

So, what are you waiting for? Put on your puzzling cap and explore the world of crosswords like never before. With its plethora of active games available, this online crossword is definitely going to shower you with its beautifully curated pool of prizes. Just make sure you give your best puzzling shot here and crack all its puzzle just the right way. Now, go and  nail it with your impeccable puzzling skills. Do well. Happy puzzling, people. 

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