Increase Your IQ With Crosswords

Did you know, Mark Goodliffe, one of the winners of Times Crossword Championship has the ability to solve consecutive three tournament puzzles in an astonishingly short span of 22 minutes which otherwise would easily take an hour or more if solved by any other crossword expert? So, what makes him an undisputed champion of crossword puzzle games? Is it an innate talent or something that he has achieved over years of practice? Well, according to a research conducted by a plethora of online crossword community sites on a whopping 805 respondents, it was found that approx 80% of them were exceptionally good academically with an urge to indulge in rigorously stimulating brain activities on a regular basis.


Hence, yes, it might be innate in certain cases but, mostly it requires years of practice to ace your puzzling skills and increase your IQ consequently. So, wouldn’t it be great if you could enhance your IQ and aptitude too with crossword puzzle games? Want to know how would it benefit you in the long run? Take a look.

Makes your logical thinking top-notch: There’s a lot of logic and aptitude skills required to find the right answer for every crossword puzzle game. The clues and cues are needed to be applied correctly in order to find the connecting words seamlessly and, this certainly puts the brain in rigorous thinking, thereby playing a critical role in enhancing your logical skills.

Improves your problem-solving skills: Since crossword puzzle games puts your mind to intense work in order to get the solution of puzzles that come along, it widens the horizon of your brain and considerably improves your problem solving skill. In fact, the instant gratification you get on cracking a crossword works as a great motivational factor, inducing you with a feeling that “if there’s a problem, there ought to be a solution too”. And, this goes a long way while solving your real life issues too.

Keeps anxiety and stress away: While playing a crossword puzzle game, your whole focus is on solving it, which conveniently deviates your mind from the other issues of your life, resulting in lowering your anxiety and stress significantly. In fact, playing it with family or a group of friends also keeps your emotional side satisfied and happy while helping you make your social bonds and relationships stronger.

Makes your performance at work better: As your brain becomes immensely active after indulging in regular crossword puzzle game sessions, your cognitive and analytical capabilities increases at large, thereby helping your perform better in everyday life and work in general.

It’s handy and pure fun: Since we live in a digital age, even the crossword puzzle games these days are technologically driven and have transformed itself into an online avatar. Yes, there are a plethora of online crossword puzzle games available on the internet now which can be accessed just through your fingertips irrespective of the place you are. So, wouldn’t these portable crosswords serve as a great way of having fun in a go? It certainly would.

You can win amazing gifts and prizes too: Yes, no kidding but, the world of digital crossword puzzle games have an extremely amazing online crossword which doesn’t only engages and entertains you but, also showers you with some out of the box, catchy and alluring gifts and prizes as winnings. Now, that’s freaking exciting, right? All you need to do is register at its website and unleash your inner wordsmith by answering all of its puzzles right in an active time frame of an hour and you are good to win all those enticing gifts. Trust me, winning those oh-so-amazing prizes will definitely take your satisfaction and happiness, both a level up.

So, aren’t these a pretty lot of benefits for a simple crossword puzzle game? Well, that’s the beauty of crossword puzzles. It makes you a better version of yourself just through mere words. And, now, you can win prizes and gifts out of it too. How cool is that! Well, it couldn’t get any better, my friend. Hence, you better go and bring out the crossword aficionado within you to play a session or two of these amazing crossword puzzle games. Happy puzzling!

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